Seals With Clubs

Bitcoin is being touted as the future of online poker, and while some saying it’s just what everyone has been waiting for, there are still many who believe that it’s just a lot of hot air and will have a very short shelf life. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, the fact is that there’s a new Bitcoin poker site available now and Seals With Clubs is expanding the Bitcoin poker market. While many are touting this as Bitcoin is now is far from it and it has a very, very long way to go, but hey, everything has to start somewhere. The good news is, is that it is available to US players and Bitcoin as a payment method is easy to deposit and withdraw, so there’s a good start, and indeed credit where’s it’s due, Seals with Clubs do realize this, as they state on their site....

“Bitcoin poker is in its infancy, and Seals is committed to providing features above and beyond the current standard in the online poker industry, including legal protection, as bitcoin is not money, as recently confirmed by the European Central Bank. This allows us to have a truly revolutionary product: truly anonymous poker games, without the known hassles at withdrawals as known by the current online poker elite. Besides that, your bankroll is safe against the piracy that some governments commit against their citizens, as we don't know what country you are from.”

Stand out Features of Seals With Clubs

There are a few great features besides the fact that US players are welcome and you may quickly deposit and withdraw funds. There's a very small rake on cash games, only 2%, however due to the low liquidity at present, getting a good game at the level of your choice may be tricky and there's also a standard, across the board rakeback of 20% for all players. All games are 100% anonymous and Seals With Clubs will only ever know your screen name. It's a trial, and all anyone can do is see how this works out. It's an option and will take time to grow, as with every new room, and the fact that it's tied in so heavily with Bitcoin means that the success or failure of the venture depends on that of the crypto-currency.