RazzRazz poker is played in a similar way to Seven Card Stud, except it is the lowest 5 card hand that wins the pot. There is no qualifying hand, but if two players have the same hand then the pot is split. Razz is a popular choice among Stud poker players and it has featured in the World Series of Poker since 1971 when it was first won by Jimmy Casella. Razz is a great game that can be played on its own in online casinos or as part of the increasingly popular game of horse.

The Ante

Before play can begin, all players must submit a nominal ante. The amount that is required is determined by the round limits.

The Bring In

Three cards are dealt to each player, two faced down and one faced. The player with the highest value nominal and suit card must place the ‘bring in’ bet, in Razz the Ace is a low card. If a player has a King of Hearts and an other player has a King of Clubs, then the player with the King of Hearts will place the ‘bring in’ bet. Action continues clockwise until all bets have been placed

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Street

Each player will then receive a fourth card, which is faced up and it is the player with the lowest exposed cards that places the bet. Action continues clockwise until all players have made bets or folded. Fifth and Sixth Street is exactly the same as Fourth Street, with an additional card being dealt followed by a round of betting.

The River

The seventh card to be dealt to each player is dealt faced down, and is the final card in the hand. Again it is the player with the lowest exposed cards that is the first to act. Once all bets have been placed the winner is determined as the player with the lowest and best 5-card hand.

Best Hands to Have

In Razz you need the lowest hand to win the pot, A, 2, 3, 4, 5 is the best hand, but you might not always get this one. There are a number of good starting hands that will set you on your way, these include;

A, 2, 5
3, 4, 5
A, 2, 8

Remember to look at what your opponents have and bet accordingly. Fold if you have too many high cards as you are unlikely to win.

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