World Match Launch B-Boys Street

World Match have released yet another new slot, how they crank them out at this rate is simply beyond us. Hot on the heels of Farm Adventures and Vampire Killer along with the unique table game Golden Flash come another slot with a very cool theme. B-Boys Street has a Hip Hop theme going on and the high definition graphics with the colorful symbols and background really do make it work. Needless to say, the sound track has a Hip Hop theme too and you'll be tapping along with the beat as you play this funky online slot. If you have played slots with a similar theme then you may be familiar with the awesome slot Loaded, and B-Boys Street is a little like that in its concept. It's very user friendly as all World Match online slots appear to be and it's very easy to play and get to grips with. There's some pretty good graffiti on show too and it's packed with plenty of features to keep it interesting. There's a wild symbol, fast play, auto play and the symbols are awesome including spray paint cans, baseball caps, sneakers with the bonus game symbol being the guy on the turntables, and this is the best part of the slot. When you drop in three bonus symbols you'll need to spin the reels and choose a break dancer who will perform s few moves for you before revealing your winning payout. It's a simple feature but it's plenty of fun. For Hip Hop fans, you'll enjoy the video clips at the start of the game too so make sure you check those out. It's a good little slot and has a great sound track which will definitely appeal to a younger audience, and for us oldies it's not too bad either as it can pay out some pretty cool winnings.