PokerStars Launches UK TV Advertisement

During their years of existence, PokerStars Casino has relied almost exclusively upon cross-selling their online casino to their online poker customers.

Now, PokerStars is ramping up their marketing efforts, by utilizing casino TV ads as their new means of getting to their customers and new potential customers. The new adverts for online casino advertising, will be playing across the UK's digital stations as well as video display advertising.

Sam Hobcraft, the Director of Casino at PokerStards said that in two years PokerStars Casino has grown immensely, and he stated that they were already a leader in the world of online Casinos.

He went on to state that PokerStars Casino is a well-kept secret for their poker players, that love playing on online casino games. He felt it was the right time to share their unique product and customer experience to a wider audience. He also said that they were extremely proud of their TV advert and looked forward to their big UK launch.

This new TV advertisements will be focusing on what PokerStars calls "cutting-edge digital graphics" of the PokerStars Casino's Slots, Roulette and Blackjack, showing them to a mainstream audience for the very first time.

PokerStars Casino Growth

Even without any significant marketing campaign, the PokerStars Casino and sports book have grown at a rapid pace. In their most recent earnings call for 2016, Amaya has announced that their casino and sports book accounts for 24% of the company's revenue, which is up from 15% in the in Q3 of 2015.

This new strategy of PokerStars aims to grow the number of new players outside of their existing cumulative customer base of over 105 million, by reaching to a wider mainstream market.

PokerStars also stated that the advertising campaign aimed to highlight, the casino's unique look and feel at the same time staying faithful to the PokerStar's heritage brand.

One way that the company could market their casino and still remaining true to their heritage is through their recently launched Casino Rush mobile gaming app.

The Casino Rush is currently a 'free-to-play' social game, however, it could be converted to a real money game if it becomes popular with players. The interesting thing about the game is its amalgamation of poker, slots, and casino games, all in one that is designed to be fast-paced, as well as entertaining, plus can be played on the go.

Director of Social Gaming, Lloyd Melnick, at PokerStars, gave his opinion of the app, he stated that they had spent a lot of time on assessment of the social casino market, looking at what was missing and what many casino players wanted. Their analysis found that the social players wanted a poker experience that they could enjoy whether they were connected to the Internet or not.

The results of their analysis led them to create Casino Rush. It contains the best of poker, the best of casino and the best of slots all fused into a great single game, which is what the gamers in 2016 are looking for.

The Casino Rush, by PokerStars, that sees the players go up against the house, over a broad range of games, the app is free to install, and to play on iOS and Android devices.

The PokerStars' latest mobile app also does not require Internet connection because, unlike many social casino games, players can play offline.