What does the term Grind mean in online poker?

The term grind means to play for many hours at a time and is usually associated with sit n go tournament and cash game players. The term generally refers to a very tight poker player who wins consistently and puts in the hours at the virtual felt. Many online players who make a living from playing poker will refer to themselves as grinders, and it has a cool poker playing image behind it, although the reality is that it's pretty hard work being a grinder.

How to become a grinder

Grinding at cash games and sit n go tournaments do make it possible to earn a decent living and player poker as a job, however becoming a profitable grinder does take a lot of time, patience and of course and good amount of poker skills. You'll need a small bankroll to get you going and a good knowledge of how to play the game, and many grinders will specialize in either cash games or sit n go tournaments.

Where can I grind?

Should you wish to grind at the tables then there is a great choice of US friendly online poker rooms available to you with one of the best being Americas Cardroom. Americas Cardroom is a good choice as it offers a wide selection of sit n go tournaments as well as having plenty of cash game players at all stake levels. There's even a great ongoing promotion there called the Beast which gives grinders extra cash when playing at their jackpot tables.