Luck vs Skill

Many new players tell me that poker is a game of luck, and I tell them that this is a game of skill. Luck is just a random factor, which has no control and it is not so important when you consider all the other variables that may affect you as a player.

What are these variables, you ask me? Well, they are numerous. Interpretation of such opponent is something that experienced players are good. Never can be sure that you can read your opponent's game, but those who are good at what they have worked a lot while developing this skill. What you need to know about luck is that it can have an effect on hand to play now. No good luck and bad luck, good luck because someone is bad luck for another. Therefore, while the chance may stagy only hand that you play, remember that sometimes you need to lose only one hand to stay without chips! Do not count on luck to be good at poker, because it does not work. These two things do not go together. Just accept that there is one variable in poker and this is the only thing over which you have no control. Anything else you do on the table, where play, bluff, opt out, etc., are things that you control.

This means you should never try to be lucky? Absolutely not! There are moments when you want to play in gambling. There are moments when I want to play under the rules. Basically this is when playing in direct duel (two players left on the table) and have great leadership. If your stake is 10 times greater than that of your opponent, then you can afford to play gambling and to hope that it will take luck. In this phase may insert opponent all in every hand and rely on luck. If you do not work, you may want to try again. Just be careful because every time you lose, you double your opponent, but this is not something you want to do.

Remember, you can sometimes make all things right, to play perfectly and still lose. It happens. It can be frustrating, but not let it pull you down. This is just a game. One day you are in trouble and then luck will save. Sometimes you may cause severe shock, and another way to save you from a shame.

Hot topic over which the new players think when you take the first hit is always bad - it must be luck, right? Well, this is very wrong. When you insert chips with the best hand and you pay someone with a weak hand and hold a draft, there is nothing you can do.

But to think of mathematics: There are poker sites that tell you your chances of victory at hand in the all-in situation and if you are a big favorite, but I happen to hit a bad 2-4% chance, of course, that you did the right thing to do. In these circumstances, most pro players would say ... 'may remember the big winning hands, which you had, but will always remember those in which you were a big favorite and you lose a lot worse. " This mainly reflected in the game after a while if you play long enough and often will turn the odds in your favor. This is the simplest idea of probability and statistics.

For example, if two people bet on a coin toss and last 10 times these fell, some people may decide to have a better chance to win if the next time choose tails. Wrong! Over time, the percentage of heads / tails will always be 50/50. Ie, the eleventh toss, you better chance to win if you bet on heads instead of tails. Just so .... it only matters what the soil.

Another example in which many players are confused is pursuing draft hands thinking that after the floppy has 2 more cards to show that chances are very good to take to make your hand. Unfortunately, most of the time, your chance of winning only reduces hand while the hand develops, of course if you choose to pursue. In the best case, the rates will remain relatively the same. Again, it depends on what the soil. Some will think that since there are fewer cards in the test after the floppy and tarna are turned, their rates are increased. If so evaluate your rates, then you simply do not understand mathematics.

To explain, let's say that you have other stores and four boxes of milk, one of them is broken. Your chance to choose is broken ¼. If a man you take a container of milk, then your chance of going 1 / 3, right? No! It is important how you start. Starting with four boxes, so your chances, even if there is only one other case, are still 1 / 4 to take the broken box. Saying that some people, as they head shaken can not believe this is the truth.

People out of luck in poker all the time and read most events on the internet and watch on television. The idea is that if your thought processes are correct, then after a while you are winners, even if you've heard about people who are in a bad series for weeks or months. It happens. Sooner or later skills are outweighed by chance.

So keep doing what able and not discouraged by a few bad beats. Know the rates in certain situations, and your bank account will continue to grow.