MGM Resorts Unsure Regarding Nevada Poker

It was all smiles at MGM HQ as they posted their best quarterly reports in the last 5 years. The rise in revenue came from table games, and even though there was a small drop in revenue from slots, there was a boost to that rev stream at it's Vegas Strip properties. CEO of MGM, Jim Murren stated that, "the domestic customer is coming back, they're spending a bit more money," positive words indeed. However, whether or not MGM will start to make waves in the regulated online poker world remains to be seen, with Mr Murren telling analysts that he preferred a federal solution to a state one, however he did follow with, "We will participate in that as well, whether it's in Nevada, New Jersey or elsewhere." It's not the focus of MGM at present and maybe playing the waiting game is the best thing to do. There is a deal in place with Boyd Gaming and the European giant so there are ready to put the wheels in motion should they feel the urge to do so.

It may very well be the case that MGM do not wish to follow Ultimate Poker, who dealt their first hand earlier this week, to a mild reception. The costs of running an operation such as that may well not return a profit with such a limited potential player base. While it's not been ruled out it most definitely has not been given the green light as yet and while they do own a license to operate online in Nevada CEO says that they have no plans at all to operate in what he has referred to as, 'Nevada's dinky market' and maybe MGM will need to find someone else to partner up with if they feel it's a winner. It's very early days in that market and whilst deals will be made, it's clear that they are not being made with Nevada in mind.