Growth of Ultimate Poker in Nevada Stagnant

It's been reported that the Nevada regulated online poker room Ultimate Poker has seen little to no growth since its launch and according to the tracking site poker scout, although early days saw it peak at close to 500 players, average weekly players is simply steady as she goes under the 200 mark. It appears for all intents and purposes that the ceiling was reached early, which lets' face it was always going to happen. It's the only real money poker site that's regulated in Nevada and could this be an early warning for other companies that are intending of entering the state regulated side of things, and not just in Nevada. This is one of the main concerns regarding state by state regulation of online poker, and with a population of just 3 million people, Nevada and Ultimate Poker may have hit the maximum amount of players are ever likely to see. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall of the other 20 or so companies that have successfully been granted licenses....time? money? Of course this is still early days and many won't be too concerned and are happy to wait for interstate and even international compacts of course.

Even Ultimate Poker numbers may be going down soon with the imminent launch of the World Series of Poker real money site on the way sometime this summer. This was always going to be the case and of course it does simply raise the point, put in in bold letters and then underline it twice that intrastate poker is simply not viable, not in small states, and quite possibly not even in the larger ones either as there is always a ceiling to be hit. There is only so many people that fit the particular criteria required to sign up and play poker, and that number simply doesn't get much bigger as time goes on.