Full Tilt Payments to US Customers Still a Year Away

There's no need to go over the problems that Full Tilt Poker have been through, they have been more than well documented, and while they do their best to get back on their feet in the regulated market, US players that are still owed money have been told that they must continue to wait. Things are going steady for Tilt in many areas however the issue of payment to US players, while now out of their hands of course, is still ongoing. There are still millions of dollars owed and the company that's been put in place to oversee the matter, The Garden City Group, are still, it seems, trying to figure things out.

There's a total of 1.3 million players that are owed around $184 million in the US and according to reports doing the rounds, the latest is that the process will take at least a year, probably longer. These reports state that “There are no dates set in stone as of yet,” and “We haven’t even begun the claims process.” It's believed that a formula will be created called 'estimated recovery' and that this calculation will be used to work out how much each player will receive and while players outside of the US have not only been paid, but have been paid the full amounts, it's looking like those players in the US will not be getting such a deal. Once that estimated recovery is established then the Garden City Group need a court order so that they can go ahead and distribute the funds. It must be stressed that there are no such issues for players signing up and playing at Full Tilt in other locations, in fact things are going very smoothly in all other areas.

This is all out of the hands of Full Tilt owners the Rational Group who have indeed done their bit, it's now over to other parties to get this sorted once and for all. Indeed the Rational Group is very much focused on the rebuilding of Full Tilt and only last week announced that casino games would be added to Full Tilt Poker in the first move the company has ever made in that area.