Tiny Amount of Players Make Claims at Full Tilt Poker

As it turns out it doesn't seem that many former Full Tilt Poker players in the US actually want their money back. The claims website has been open for a while now and although many people expected a rush, quite the opposite has actually happened and the percentage of players actually entering claims is very small.

The US Department of Justice appointed The Garden City Group as claims administrator and they have said that the process is well underway with over 1.4 millions emails sent however only 23,500 petitions have been returned. With only around 2% of eligible players claiming back the cash, the question is why is this the case, and there are of course several theories around. Players are able to claim until November 16th and that is a while off yet, however the site has been up and running since September and it was expected that those who could claim, would do straight away. It may be the case that some players are simply concerned about tax issues and although there is tax information on the site, maybe it's all a little off putting for some.

The big reason could well be that although there is over $150 million owed to former US players, those that are owed small amounts feel that it is simply not worth claiming and have moved on, and are happy playing elsewhere. There's still a few weeks to go yet, and if you believe that you should have cash to claim then get in touch with them asap.