PokerStars Closer to Buying Atlantic City Casino

PokerStars and Atlantic City Casino Deal Closer

PokerStars the worlds largest online poker room is one step closing to making the purchase of the Atlantic City Casino in New Jersey. Permission is being sought from the New Jersey casino regulators by PokerStars to make the purchase for an undisclosed fee, however it's though that the deal will be scrutinized closely by those involved. Rumors started to spread about this particular story some months ago and it soon came to light that Stars did indeed intend to make the move into the bricks and mortar arena, an area which it is showing more interest in lately. Over the last few months it has announced the opening of a poker room at The Hippodrome in London and has even bigger plans in the Spanish capital Madrid where they are building a poker room at the Gran Casino Madrid in which to hold live events. The Atlantic City casino is however a whole different ball game and mean Stars taking over lock, stock and barrel. Many see the Stars move as a positive thing as it would bring in a much needed cash injection to Atlantic City who recently dropped from the number two spot in casino revenue in the states with Pennsylvania taking over. Many don't consider the state of Pennsylvania to be a gambling hub but it has 12 casinos that are situated very close to major cities and attract large amounts of gamblers, however that's another story. This particular tale seems close to conclusion and as ever, we will be bringing you the updates.