PPA Want State by State Online Poker Approvals

With what seems like the end of the push for any federal bill or even intervention on the subject of internet gambling the Poker Players Alliance will now focus it's lobbying efforts at a state level. It does seem the way to go as many states are already considering following the likes of Nevada in taking things into their own hands. Delaware are not far behind and have already legalized some forms of online gambling with many states looking to follow them and poker appears to be at the top of their list. The PPA now believe that the only real way to move forward on the issue is at state level which is a big move for them as previously it was all about the federal bill. It's safe to say that the federal bill is dead in the water after failing to gain any momentum at all in late 2012. John Pappas the Executive Director of the PPA stated that, “More and more, the fight for Internet poker is moving to the states, we will be largely focusing our efforts on passing player-friendly bills in the states where legislative action is brewing". Initially the PPA will be focusing on the two states that are in the 'almost there' stage. The New Jersey bill is simply waiting to be signed by Governor Chris Christie and California has recently introduced a bill for legal online poker. Iowa and New York seem likely to be next on the list as both states have shown interest in offering online poker to residents. Legalization state by state may not seem the ideal way to go about things however, it does seem the only way and with the possibility of deals being made between states creating interstate online poker the future for the online poker player is looking at least a little brighter.