Soft Launch in New Jersey Not Going as Planned

It’s not all going quite as planned regarding the soft launch of online gaming in the state, and more than just a few glitches have been reported by those participating in the testing. It appears that the geo-location software that is being used to make sure people trying to access New Jersey gaming websites is acting a little more restrictively than it should be, and one man traveled to three different locations within the state, only to be denied access all three times. It wasn’t just the one tester either as several people experienced the same issue, however as reported previously, the software is taking no chances and has been designed to be extra tight...maybe a little too tight?

Mr Joseph Brennan who was testing the site was actually testing from Atlantic City with the casinos in his sight and was denied access. He then tried from 5 miles down the road however The Borgata Casino didn’t believe he was in the state. He did manage to open two accounts but neither would allow him to deposit until further proof of location, such as a utility bill was given to them. As well as the Borgata, other casinos that are involved in the testing period include the Tropicana, The Trump Taj Mahal, Bally’s Atlantic City and The Golden Nugget, and all were reported as having similar issues.

The other main issue was actually getting money onto the sites, and one lady, Tina Gonzalez, when attempting to open a real money account at The Borgata ended up on a long 40 minute call regarding a payment to the site. She did manage to make a deposit however she was then told that she wasn’t in New Jersey and she’s reported as saying that, “I’m afraid that when they try to do this statewide on the 26th it’s going to be mayhem.”

These testing periods are however put in place to find issues such as these, that’s the whole point of them but the fact that plenty of testers reported problems could quite possibly lead to a delay in the real launch on November 26th, and there could be a few long days and late nights at the office ahead if that date is to be met.