Law Changes May Allow Stars Into New Jersey

There are reports circulating that there is a possibility the US Department of Justice may settle indictments for corporate fines, meaning that this could pave the way for PokerStars to re-enter the US market via regulated online gaming in New Jersey. No sources have in fact been named, however Calvin reported that the new policy could mean that non US residents and companies that were not loctaed in the United States would be fined, and therefore able to operate in a regulated market.

Nothing will of course happen overnight and even if sources are correct then it would mean a huge fine for PokerStars owner Isai Scheinberg and while Ray Bitar of Full Tilt handed over some $40 million, it's expected that Scheinberg's fine would be a lot heavier. The indictment on the Stars founder is the reason why the company have so far been denied any action in the new regulated environment however they do still have a deal in place with Resorts Atlantic City, and should a fine be paid then that deal could see Stars re-enter the market...albeit a very crowded one. PokerStars would then have to continue and complete their New Jersey online gaming application, and would still quite possibly face opposition when doing so with the AGA for example making their thoughts on the issue very clear last time around, and although the fine would clear the Stars name, it may not mean that they would be welcomed by all parties.