Virgin in Possible Move into US Market

As of the 29th January Virgin games will be owned by Gamesys. Over the years Virgin has built up a great reputation in the online gaming world offering bingo, poker and of course its online casino. All Virgin affiliates no need to worry as they will be migrated over before the change and looked after by the new owners. Gamesys has been around since 2001 and is a major player in the industry being the owner operator of Jackpot Joy along with its other brands Mice and Dice, Profitable Play, and Leisure Spin. The big question is however, will this mean a move into the US market for Virgin. This clearly won't happen until legislation allows it to but Gamesys having a contract with Harrah's Entertainment will surely make the path into that market a little easier. The Virgin brand itself, built up over the years by Sir Richard Branson is already well known to consumers in the states so the ground work is already done, and Gamesys have the know how and expertise to make the move possible. the work will initially fall onto the shoulders of Mice and Dice which is the marketing arm of Gamesys along with Leisure Spin who are the non UK operator based over in Gibraltar, however it may be a case of Gamesys starting a whole new US version of Virgin. There are many options and we are sure Gamesys has a plan....time will tell.