Mansion Poker

Mansion Poker used to be a poker room in its own right but in a move to expand their own variety and performance they joined the now very successful and world renowned iPoker Network and with this as you would expect came great rewards for the website. Since they joined the iPoker network the move has breathed a new lease of life into the online poker website and this is due to the now larger numbers of players and the extensive range of games available since they joined the new network. With players being able to access up to a huge sixteen million dollars in prize pools across the network in iPoker tournaments being available it is hard to not see why Mansion Poker is one of the market leaders in the game.

When Mansion Poker first began in 2005 they offered player's poker as well as a sports book and casino games all through the one account that the player had created. With at one point during its first two years Mansion Poker were offering a guaranteed one million dollars daily but as you would expect with those sort of numbers is was only going to last for so long. With the introduction of the American Gambling Legislation in 2006 it had a major impact on the site as its number of American players fell. So they joined the iPoker network and this helped increase its player numbers as well as give its players a more varied choice of games.

After a brief stint on the Ongame Poker Network Mansion Poker stuck with the iPoker Network and now gives all the players some of the best promotions and bonuses in the business today. Guaranteed tournaments and some very impressive free roll tables with some of the pools being offered are as large as fifteen thousand dollars and a very large selection of events that allow you to qualify for the live tournaments around the world, Mansion Poker certainly made the right choice.

The Software on offer is as you would expect, very fast crisp and clean and graphically sound which is thanks to the fact that the iPoker Network now provides this and with all the usual games on offer including the ever popular Texas Hold Em and the increasingly rising game of Omaha and seven card stud available then you can be sure that there is something for everyone.

With all that Mansion Poker has to offer you can be sure that the online community has had its head turned by the fantastic deals and promotions along with its solid game play and user friendly features the player numbers has grown into one of the leading traffic rooms on the internet today. With ring game numbers reaching ten thousand players and over fifty thousand players in tournaments during their peak hours of business Mansion has easily established its credentials as one of the leading players in the game today and will do for some time.