Democrats v Republicans and Gambling
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With literally millions of players from the US gambling online on a weekly or even daily basis at offshore gaming sites such as BetOnline, it's strange that the billions of dollars in potential tax revenue hasn't really been debated. The issue of online gambling has never been at the forefront of anyone's political agenda and this has surprised many observers. The whole issue has either been swept under the carpet or at best got the odd mention. So who stands where on the argument? Even if you had listened to every single primary debate or campaign speech you would be none the it such a hot potato that no-one wants to touch it for fear of losing voters, or is it that they simply couldn't care about it?

Romneys' Stance

It's hard to see where Mr Romney stands on this issue, he is after all the head of a conservative party who claim to represent traditional moral values. Their initial stance was to take a very strong anti-gaming view with a drastic return to the full interpretation of the 1961 Federal Wire Act. Romney was seen to be towing the party line in their anti-gaming attitude, but more recently he has claimed to still be thinking about this issue. At present he appears to be sat on the fence, neither stating that he is for or against, or believes it's not a big enough issue to be on his agenda. Only time will tell.

Obamas' Opinion

Due to the Democratic Party and their slightly easier going thinking on internet gambling, they relaxed massively the interpretation of the wire act. Obama effectively opened the door for internet gambling by allowing legal internet gambling in the US when he stated that rules regarding internet gambling should be dealt with by the state governments and not left to the feds to decide what is right and wrong. As we know this has led to a flurry of activity in Nevada.

Where do we go Next?

You can't predict the future and all political parties are notorious for doing u-turns. It's unlikely that now intra-state poker laws are in position that this would change, and it's expected that these will continue to be in place no matter who get the hot seat. In fact there will probably be a huge push for these laws to go interstate. It's a waiting game and only time will tell what happens next.

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