Americas Cardroom Makes Mincemeat of Bots

The jokes on you if you're a bot. Americas Cardroom has figured out how to keep bots like you off their site once and for all. While you probably know that just about every reputable poker site claims to hate bots, Americas Cardroom has managed to render bots useless. Obviously, that's amazing news if you're a human player who wants to play against other actual people from across the globe.

To keep bots off the site, ACR does three things. They begin by making use of statistical analysis, captchas, and player reports to detect and ban bots. While this approach isn't unique to Americas Cardroom, ACR treats this as a starting point. The ace up Americas Cardroom's sleeve is their software itself. You see they regularly update their poker client so bots can't function at all. Essentially, these changes blind bots so they can't tell what's happening. Why take our word for it? Check out bot software companies like, and, who admit their offerings no longer work at ACR.

If a bot does somehow manage to slip through the cracks, Americas Cardroom has you covered with their verifiable and transparent bot refund policy. You'll not only get a refund if you've played against a bot who eventually gets banned from the site, but they also publish a list of refunds and banned accounts for maximum transparency.

The death of bots is just one of the great stories coming out of Americas Cardroom. The site is going to host a multi-day tournament called the $7 Million Venom beginning on July 24 th . It's going to be the biggest event ever on a US-facing poker site and the winner will collect at least $1,000,000. Buy your seat today for $2,650 or win yours for $0.25 by playing Cyclones Blitz Poker satellites. Visit for everything you need to know.