Playing Poker in Vermont

Vermont, to put it bluntly is in no way a friendly state towards the poker player. Vermont has almost no legal gambling options at all with home games being given special treatment and online poker appearing to be legal. Some charitable organizations may be able to host real money poker games, should you be able to find one, but there are no card rooms and nothing like what we would consider to be a casino, and it's even fairly difficult to organize a fund raising real money gambling event. Playing online poker is withing the law in the state and many players enjoy a game at online poker sites such as BetOnline Poker, so keep on reading to see where you stand.

Playing Home Poker Games in Vermont

The social playing of a game of poker, or any other card game is treated a little differently in the state of Vermont. The penal code states that, "A person who plays at cards, dice, tables, billiards or other game for money or other valuable thing shall be fined not more than $5.00." As you can see, it's hardly a fine at all and it begs the question why even bother having that law, but a law it is and as things stand playing poker at home will get you a small fine. There will only be minimal charges bought against those that are found guilty and it is not a full misdemeanor or felony. It's not thought that this rather bizarre law is actually put into practice and we doubt whether asking your local law enforcement agency would get you a better answer, as there's a good chance that they have never charged anyone with the offence. You are free to play with no wagering taking place, but as poker players we doubt whether that's at all enjoyable!

Playing Online Poker in Vermont

There is absolutely no law against playing poker online in the state of Vermont. As you would imagine, with the rather antiquated laws we have mentioned above, the penal code does not mention internet poker or wagering online in any way. There is no law at federal level either and we have to assume that by playing online poker in the state of Vermont you will not be breaking a rule. There are many residents of the state that enjoy playing poker online and there are many online poker rooms that cater for them. Three of the best are Carbon Poker, BetOnline Poker and Americas Cardroom. They are state of the art rooms with plenty of action at all stakes levels and they will even give you a welcome bonus of signing up with them.

Playing Poker in a Vermont Casino

Due to the laws in Vermont you will not find any casinos, or indeed any form of organized legal gambling. The only options you will have are, as mentioned, playing in charitable events and any non profit organization that has been in existence for more than one year may host fundraising games. In theory charities may hold real cash poker games twice a week, but you will have difficulty in finding any.