ACR's May Millions Celebration

ACR 's May Millions Celebration gives you three $1 Million GTD tourneys every Sunday Have you been partying hard? If you haven't then log onto Americas Cardroom now for the site's May Million Anniversary Celebration. The US-facing poker site has $30,000,000 worth of guarantees throughout the month. The best part is the three $1 Million GTD tournaments each and every Sunday throughout the month of May. It's all designed to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the site's software launch.

With five Sundays in May 2023, there are 15 $1 Million tournaments in all. That adds up to $15,000,000 in guarantees right there. Yet if you've spent any time playing at Americas Cardroom lately, you've probably noticed that the final prize pools are vastly greater than the advertised guarantees. That's particularly impressive because when ACR launched their new software a year ago, it was plagued with all sorts of glitches. The recent increase in traffic is proof of how much they've turned things around.

If you're looking to make room in your life for ACR's big tourneys, it's ridiculously easy. That's because all three of the $1,000,000 GTD tournaments are multi-day events, one of which has five day one options. Did we mention there are events for every budget? Check them out:

  • $265 buy-in. Day 1 on Sunday and Day 2 on Monday.
  • $2,650 buy-in. Day 1 Sunday and Day 2 on Monday.
  • $109 buy-in. Day 1 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Day 2 on Monday.

Americas Cardroom is obviously a huge fan of multi-day events. Just take a look at this summer's $7 Million Venom tournament at Americas Cardroom. The multi-day tourney starts on July 24 th and will be ACR's biggest event to date. The winner will walk away with at least $1,000,000!

Head to now and experience the festivities for yourself.