Playing Poker in Delaware

Many moons ago the state of Delaware was in no way a friendly state for gambling of any kind. It held very conservative views on the subject and all types of gambling were frowned upon, including of course poker. The laws at one time went so far as to say that you couldn't even keep a "device" that could be used for gambling in your home, such as a card table or roulette wheel. However times have changed and so have the laws in Delaware and in 1975 the first state lottery tickets were sold. Horse racing was also legalized so that Delaware could keep up with the competition of neighboring states and sports betting and a few casino games were allowed at race tracks only. Many poker players now play their favorite card game online at sites such as BetOnline Poker and you'll see how online gaming is changing in the state too. Things have changed for the better from a poker playing perspective, so keep reading to find out where you stand.

Playing in Casinos in Delaware

Until recently Delaware didn't have any casinos, however since changes in the law a few have open their doors. In fact Delaware now hosts a pretty big tournament in the Delaware Park Winter Classic that takes place in January each year. The Delaware park now offers full table game options, slots and is a great casino resort with fine dining and a great atmosphere. There is of course horse racing and sports betting on offer. To say the State of Delaware has come on leaps and bounds in this area recently would be an understatement.

Playing Online Poker in Delaware

Delaware is one of the few states that has addressed online poker by law. Following Nevada it has legalized intrastate poker however the online rooms are still in the making and should be launching early 2013. The sites will be run and managed by land based casinos and are in place for residents of Delaware only. This all sounds good in theory however in reality Delaware is a small state with a population that reflects that therefore liquidity and finding a decent game at the stakes you are looking for may be tricky. This may lead online players to stick with the rooms they have been playing at where they know they can get a game. With no federal law in place there is little worry in playing at Betonline Poker, Full Flush Poker or Americas Cardroom where residents of Delaware are welcomed.