Sunshine Poker League

If you love poker and the rush of participating in a real game, you could be missing out if you’re not taking part in the Sunshine Poker League. Keeping up with their calendar of events is the main task here, although it’s easy to do so thanks to the regularly updated calendar available on their website.

It seems like something is offered every day – and sometimes in more than one location. Check out the options and consider signing up if you’re in the neighborhood.

You can also check out the current standings in the League Leaderboard – also available on their website. The number of points held by each player is given, along with the number of wins each person has attained. Could there be some movement as the latest season progresses?

The league is looking for new venues right now

Yes, which could mean there are some free-to-play leagues popping up close by soon. The Texas Hold ‘Em Poker League is one to watch, with the social aspect being a big part of what makes the Sunshine Poker League so popular across the US.

Did you know you can also play poker online?

We’ve got some of the best rooms available across the internet, with news of online poker tournaments and rooms right here for you to explore. Some of these rooms are available for US players, while others have a low minimum deposit in force – maybe as low as five dollars. Can you believe that?

If you’re nowhere near any of the venues currently offering the Sunshine Poker League games, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered for lots of potential online poker rooms instead. Bookmark our site now and you’ll never miss any of the poker tournaments or events available for you to participate in.