How Do You Use Your Bovada Points?
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We know there must be plenty of Bovada Poker players out there who over the years have accumulated points and rarely use them. Here's a quick look at how you actually earn the points and then find out what your options are when it comes to using them. You will earn poker points when playing both ring games and tournaments. When playing ring games you will receive an amount of points that depends on the amount of rake you contribute to each hand. For every hand that you contribute $0.05 in rake you will get 0.10 points and the sliding scale goes up to 1.00 point when you contribute rake between $1.00 and $3.00, with $3.00 being the maximum amount raked in any hand. If you are a tournament player then you will be rewarded with 3 points for every $1.00 you spend on tourney fees. If you are a regular player then you can see how quickly these points can build up, and even if you are a recreational weekend player then it's always worth checking your points balance now and again, then finding out exactly what you can do with them.

Using Your Bovada Poker Points

You may use your points for bonuses, however the best use for most players is to convert them into tournament tickets. You can use them to play in qualifiers, semi-finals, along with the Bovada weekly $5,000 PTS Freeroll. Converting your points to tickets is easy, you simply log in, click on the points to tickets tab and then select the ticket you wish and click convert. The tournament you can buy in to with your points is the $5,000 PTS Freeroll and there are many ways in which to get a seat. The first qualifier will cost you 200 points and runs daily at 5.10 pm ET with the top 15 finishers getting a seat in the main event. There is also a turbo event that 15 players will qualify from and this costs just 25 points with 15 seats up for grabs. The turbo also runs daily at 11.10pm ET. Remember that there may be a much bigger field in the turbo tourney. You can also qualify via the 150 points Sit n Go tourney which are six handed and the winner get the ticket. They are played all day every day and because of the quantity of the tourneys, many players qualify this way. If you didn't qualify and you have enough points then you can of course buy in directly to the main event and that will cost you 1000 points. However you choose to get there it's well worth trying a few of the options to get to the big tournament. Your points are there for using so hey, you may as well use them.