Zoom Tourneys launched on PokerStars

Zoom poker has made the inevitable move and can now be found in the tournament schedule at PokerStars. This great fast fold version of the game was introduced in cash games nearly a year ago and the players simply loved the fast action prompting Stars to look into rolling it out in a tournament format. The initial launch of Zoom tournaments was a very quiet affair as they gave it a soft launch at micro-stakes due to it still being in its beta phase. You can try it out for yourself at $1.00 and $1.35 levels with games starting every two hours which include Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha. First impressions are that players love it as every tourney has hit the 5000 maximum registration amount. Zoom poker was launched back in March 2012 as competition to the popular Rush poker that was being offered by Full Tilt. The game is known by most as Fast Fold and as soon as a player folds their hand they are quickly taken to another table to play another hand, players can even head to another table before it's their turn to act, however the players they are up against won't know this until play comes around to the player that has folded. Zoom poker has built up a good fan base since its' launch with both fun players and pros enjoying the action. Pros like it as they can simply play more hands and some recreational players don't enjoy the sitting around waiting for a few slower players to act, meaning that it works for everyone. When first launched it was thought that around 25% of all hands played at Stars were at the Zoom tables but because of the super fast action that this was contributing to around 50% of daily rake. When you take these numbers into consideration then it's pretty clear to see that Zoom poker is a big deal for the team at Stars.