Nevada to go Interstate?

We have read all about the Nevada online poker bill, however there could be a small change made that will have a major impact on how things are going to work out for online poker players in the US. That small change, if given the green light, would mean that the Nevada Governor would have the power to enter and sign off on agreements with other states that have legalized online poker. So, for example let's say that it's legal in Nevada and then becomes legal in New Jersey. The change would mean that players in Nevada could play against people in the Garden State, and as more states became legal they could also join in the fun. This would mean much bigger prize pools in tournaments and have the potential for huge guaranteed tourneys, let alone massively up the liquidity and game availability at all stakes in cash games. Sit n Go's would fill up quicker and some of the promotions we could see would be out of this world. If there has been one criticism of the Nevada bill it is about liquidity and due to the fact that Nevada has a pretty small population the question has often arisen as to where the cash on tables would come from. With more than a handful of sites all attempting to impress the same players and get them signed up then the amount of players on some sites could be fairly slim. Increased player pools are beneficial to all concerned and this new amendment which has been drafted by the Nevada Gaming Control Board would mean that without a law at federal level, online poker would still be regulated at state level, and that rules and regulations would be agreed upon by the states involved. There is a way to go on this one but with the first Nevada sites expected to be online in the spring may be it will make a few states sit up and take notice of the fact that having a regulated and legal online poker industry is good for both players and states alike.