No $10 Million Guarantee for the WSOP Main Event

The WSOP 2015 Main Event will be changed up a little and the huge $10 Million guaranteed first placed prize has been dropped. In a move that’s been welcomed by many observers and players alike the new payout structure of the tournament will mean that a minimum of 1,000 players will make the money seats, and it should mean that all players who make the final table will receive at least a cool $1 Million.

The World Series of Poker Main Event 2015 will be running from July 5th to the 14th, with, as usual, the final 9 players returning to Las Vegas in November to battle it out for the big bucks, and if player numbers are around that of the 2014 event then the winner would still collect $8 Million, which is a pretty nice payday. Using the same numbers it would also mean that the $10,000 buy in tourney would pay around $15,000 to players exiting between 694th place and the 1,000th placed player.

In the WSOP statement announcing the change, the WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said that, “The dream of life-changing money is core to the DNA of the WSOP main mvent and we also want to make it easier to experience playing in poker’s big show, our players understand numbers, and 2015 now presents the best odds ever to leave the main event a winner.” The changes certainly echo the sentiments of Daniel Negreanu who made his feelings known via twitter in December 2014 arguing that, “I see no evidence that a $10 mill first prize does anything to attract more players” and, “I’ve yet to hear either a pro player or an amateur that is in favor of a $10 Mill first prize. It truly doesn’t serve anyone’s best interest.”

Whether it was Negreanu’s advice they took or not matters little right now as that is exactly what will be happening in the 2015 Main Event, and pretty soon you’ll be able to qualify via the competitions and qualifiers available at Full Flush Poker.