Depositing by Pre-Paid Debit Card

In quite surprising news the internet and tech giant Google is now offering a prepaid debit card that not only allows users of the card to purchase goods online and off, but also may be used to withdraw cash at ATM’s. For the meantime the card will only be available in the United States and will be linked to users Google Wallet accounts. Google Wallet is a mobile payment system and was launched in 2011 and is an application that allows people to store debit cards, credit cards and loyalty cards safely on their smartphone as well as make payments.

The card is seen as an extension of Google Wallet and will be accepted anywhere that you see the MasterCard sign, and very importantly, the card is absolutely free with Google charging no annual or monthly fees. There were rumors some time ago that Google could be launching a credit card, and maybe that’s still in the pipeline, but what’s in it for Google, providing a free prepaid MasterCard? The card allows Google to enter the world of commerce and in return of course Google gets a better look at customers shopping habits and that information is extremely valuable. A google spokeswoman has indeed already confirmed that when the card is used, details such as what product was purchased, amount of the transaction, name and address of the seller and time of purchase will be added to that individual's internal profile. This in turn will allow Google to use more personal and more targeted advertising. The card can be funded by linking it to your bank account and can be ordered online with delivery taking just 12 days.

MasterCard and prepaid Mastercards are accepted at many online poker rooms such as BetOnline Poker and are becoming popular with players in the US, that is not to say however that the Google Card will fund an account.