Gambling Apps Dominate Top Ten

It's no secret that iPhones and iPads along with Android applications are amazingly popular at the moment. It seems that at the moment millions of people lie in wait biting their nails simply waiting for the next best app to become available to them. Most of course are games, but here's a strange fact...three out of the top ten grossing apps for iPhone(3G,3GS,4,4S,5) at the moment are gambling related. One is a casino and two are poker apps. Ok, so they are not real money apps and you can only play for free on all of them, but it does not alter the fact that they are gambling apps. There are already real money applications available and as soon as the legal landscape in the US market changes, be prepared for an avalanche of gambling apps, for real money. Arguably the biggest app development company out there Zynga has already said that it will be heading into the real money market in early 2013 and these companies will blaze a trail for the rest to follow. All this however is further down the line and only time will tell how many of these existing apps will also be offered as real money games, and in the meantime for our real money action we can simply stick to what we know, and what many of us out there won't be swayed into moving away from...the online poker sites we love to play at, and here's a bit of info on one of the best...Betonline Poker.

Betonline Poker!

The Betonline brand has been with us for many years, mainly as a sportsbook offering, famous for its' sharp NFL lines and awesome customer support. It then went on and added a great casino, and now it offers a very nice poker room too. Betonline Poker may be new to the scene but its' popularity is soaring with players from around the world. It's a really good place for smaller cash game players, free roll lovers and also for those bigger tournament players. It offers all variations of the beautiful game and action can be found at varying levels in both Texas Holdem and Omaha. Because Betonline Poker is not part of any network, any issues you have can be dealt with in house without any waiting around and their customer support team are on the ball 24/7. They also offer their players fantastic deposit options and fast payouts, making Betonline Poker a very welcome new addition to the world of online poker.