How to Beat Poker Bots from Online Casinos

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The game of poker had grown and was innovated through the years. Poker had been played through different means. One such means is through incorporating the game of poker to the Internet. By doing this, a lot of possibilities for both online gambling players and online casino enthusiasts were opened. They were given more freedom to play poker anytime and increase their levels of experience faster than an average Joe who still plays brick and mortar poker. Flexibility and accessibility were just some of the other benefits that come with holding poker tournaments online.

Many things can come with holding pokers online. Online Casinos can take advantage of networking and advertisement capabilities that online media can offer. However, online gambling can also experience some negative effects like the possibility of being hacked and other kinds of misuse. The thing is online stuffs can be used for positive or negative purposes. One such online capability is the use of poker bots. Although there are a lot of things that could be discussed from those poker bots, I will only focus on one thing in this article- beating those poker bots from online casinos.

Poker had been improved by leaps and bounds through years of operating them through online gambling sites or online casinos. Gone are the days that they are only considered toys to be toyed with. Nowadays, toying with these sophisticated poker bots would get you no win or a hard earned win. They can bluff intelligently and play with your minds more than a human player can. The evolution of poker bots could more or less spell extinction for lowly human players in the poker world. Poker bots can win in a consistent manner in any poker tournament provided that they are given certain scenarios to work with. However, these bots have certain weaknesses that humans can exploit to retain the advantages that our human brains can offer. Yes, we can fight back to avoid the extinction of human capability in the world of poker.

  1. Consider playing at games that are “No Limit games”. A very, very huge amount of bots is playing at Fixed Limit Poker tables. So far, reports indicate that only one kind of bot is capable of playing on No Limit games.
  2. Poker bots are explicitly made to exploit players in the micro level who are very weak and isn’t that knowledgeable in the game of poker. At micro level games, poker bots can take down a lot of pots by playing a solid and decent style of game. When stakes go up, the level of play oftentimes go up as well and those damn bots start to struggle. Look for games that have these features to ensure human opponents.
  3. The standards wherein bots play are usually weak. Take time to study and improve your own game. Study poker articles and gain experience. You’ll be able to master beating those bots in no time.
  4. Play at sites that are actively promoting against the use of bots.
  5. As the saying goes: “If you can’t beat them, join them” Use bots for yourself and play with it in the earlier stages of poker tournaments.