Cake Poker Give us Cake Dice

Cake has long been known for its great poker offering. Since launching in 2006 it has been the biggest brand on the Cake Network greeting players from around the world. Over the years its product offering has expanded to include casino with tournament blackjack, roulette, War, and great new games such as Russian Roulette. The range of games just keeps on going and now Cake brings you the outstanding Cake Dice, or Cee lo as it is known. It's a fast and fun game to play where you get to compete against other players in an alley setting, just like the old days. It's pretty simple to play as you roll the dice hoping to get the best score which is called a Strung Flowers and avoid the dreaded Dancing Dragon. The aim of the game is to roll a valid combination which will then become your score and you have seven rolls of the dice to do this. The valid combinations are a 4, 5, 6 (Strung Flowers), Trips which is three of a kind or a Point which is a pair. Should you roll a 1, 2, 3, (Dancing Dragon) you are out of the game. A surprising amount of work has gone into making this game as visually pleasing as possible and the alley itself is just like a down town dirty alley with broken neon signs and garbage cans that really sets the scene for the game. It's a game for all types of players too with the starting wager at just $0.50 going to a high roller (forgive the pun) stake at $100. There is also 1-4-24 available a Cake which is a cool strategy dice game. It's played in the same alley as Cee lo and is a little harder to play but with a few games under your belt you will get the hang of if. Basically you start with six dice, roll them and keep one aside and roll the remaining dice. With all rolls of the dice done you need to have kept a one and a four to qualify, if not you are out. To get your score you take out the one and the four and the remaining dice are added up to give your score. It's a little different to playing poker and may come as a bit of a welcome break, or maybe a few throws between tourneys.