Isildur1 Up Another $700k

Viktor Blom in Another Huge Win

We hope your new year has got off to a flyer at the felt and that the winning ways continue however we don't think any of our readers can quite match the winnings made by Victor Blom. The Swedish online poker pro, better know by his playing name of Isuldur1 has had what you could call a pretty good start to 2013 by winning an incredible $1.2 Million in just the first three days of the year. He started his little streak on new years day by reeling in a sweet $564.4K. The following day he had a slight wobble but ended well. He then however turned things back around when he hit the Omaha Hi Lo tables at Full Tilt and took on the very well know SallyWoo, who knows a little about Omaha being one of the biggest winners in the game. However, Isuldur1 was taking no prisoners and in the space of just one hour and forty minutes he managed to accumulate $275,000 in only 257 hands. He continued at Tilt and later in the evening was playing against Sebastian "Seb86" Sabic, and with the mood Isuldur1 we don't need to tell you what the outcome was. There's no doubt that he is in some fine form at the moment and it will be great to see how long this can continue. Another interesting snippet from HighStakesDB is that since the relaunch of Full Tilt Victor Blom is in fact the biggest winner, leading against some extremely good players...Ivey and Hansen to name but a few.