Blom Up $4 Million So Far in 2013

Viktor Blom on the up Again

Viktor Blom, better known to some as "Isildur1" is experiencing some rather good days at the felt just lately. The Swedish pro who only revealed his identity after plenty of rumors flew about in 2009, some even thinking that the online antics of the player were those of Phil Hellmuth! However, those in the know...just knew. He hit the scene in 2009 and went straight for the big time and caught the attention of high stakes players around the world and being such a new player he proved tough to play against beating many of the big names on Full Tilts high stakes tables. Over the course of the last few years he has beaten, and it's fair to say been beaten by the biggest names around. After an unbelievable run in 2009 it came to an end at the hands of Brian Hastings who took $4.2 million from him in a single session. He rebuilt and came back although not in the same style as previously but better things were to come. After his true identity was revealed in 2011 he became a PokerStars pro although be it short lived and he is now a Full Til pro playing only at that site. He has never been far away from the spotlight and these last few weeks have bought back the kind of form that we saw a few years ago.

Blom Builds a Huge Bankroll

During the Full Tilt Online Poker Series there's been an amazing amount of high stakes cash games on the site and Blom has been very much a part of them. Just last week he was involved in a monster session leading to a win of $1,781,535 and he was back to winning ways yet again this week. Over a total of 21,046 hands played he won an outstanding $763,306 making him by far this years biggest winner with over $4 million to his name in profit. The sheer amount of cash won is even more impressive when you consider who he took it from, and those in the red include both Dwan and Hendon, both themselves huge high stakes winners. Blom is well known for the huge swings in his play and at times he seems to have lost the lot, only to come right back with some monster wins. This was the case against Hendon, as after one session Blom lost $353,200 only to come back and win that and even more. In one short session last week he took Dwan for $225,000 in only 30 minutes. That's how things stand in the world of high stakes online poker at the moment and should there be any more major twists and turns, we'll let you know.