The US Reacts to Antiguas Claims

This saga seems set never to end, it's been going on for years and looks likely to continue that way unless someone simply gives in. This particular war has waged since 2003, when Antigua initiated dispute proceedings via the WTO due to the fact that the States was barring internet gambling, which is not a criminal offence either with regards to the WTO or indeed a States Federal Law level. Over the years the WTO has constantly ruled in favor of Antigua but the tiny island has yet to see a cent in compensation that was awarded. Figures vary but it's said to be around the 3.4 Billion dollar mark and Antigua is looking to collect. Antigua claims that because of the attitude in the US then the once thriving online gambling industry is now a mere shadow of what it was, has contributed hugely to unemployment figures and has helped push the economy over the fiscal cliff. They have stated many times that they do not wish to be at loggerheads with a world super power and that a ruling has been made by the WTO but that the States is simply refusing to comply. They also believe that if the shoe was on the other foot then things would be very different. Antigua was ready to place sanctions upon the US in December 2012 but didn't have time at the last WTO meeting in Geneva, but now says that it is ready and that sanctions are on the way. There was no talk of what these sanctions actually were. Back in 2007 the WTO also stated that Antigua had a right to target US copyrights and trademarks as a way of collecting the monies owed to them but as yet has refrained from taking this path, however many observers see this as the only route they can take. There was talk of an official US reaction but still as yet they have said nothing on this issue which obviously make it even more frustrating for Antigua. This one seems set to just keep on going until either Antigua uses the 2007 ruling, the US pays up, or Antigua simply gives up.