The WSOP and 888 Pairing Take the Lead in New Jersey

Proving that liquidity, money on tables and larger player pools are what make online poker tick, the sharing of those player pools in New Jersey between and WSOP means that they have of course taken the lead since joining forces in New Jersey. The deal means that the brands remain distinct and separate and apart however shared liquidity means that players at lower stakes cash games and in many tournaments are now playing together, and this makes a whole lot of sense.

The deal means that the joint player pools of 888 and WSOP overtake that of the Borgata/Party Poker offering and take them to the number one spot in NJ online poker. Both WSOP and 888 have seen large increases in both tournament entry and cash game play with traffic at the All American Poker Network ( up by a huge 75%.

The partnership between the two rooms is possible due to the fact that they both use the same poker software, that which is provided by 888, and it is of no surprise whatsoever that they've taken the number one spot. The numbers provided by PokerScout may be a little fuzzy due to the shared cash player traffic, however what is clear is that shared liquidity is working and it means much more low stakes cash on tables, and tournaments attracting a whole lot more players. In an enclosed online poker environment such as that of New Jersey, making the most of the traffic that's available is invaluable, and sharing that traffic is key to success in the Garden State.

The signs are positive ones in New Jersey online poker and it will be of interest as to what difference the entry of PokerStars into the market will make. While there's a good chance that Stars may attract more recreational players to the tables there's also the obvious fact that more rooms means less player liquidity, meaning someone will be losing out.