Online Poker Addictions Pros and Cons

Humans and gambling have always been together since many years. This statement looks weird but it's exactly true. Since the beginning of 19th century gambling and humans have been together. Even though humans have changed their lifestyle, attitudes and standard of living their desire towards gambling has not changed even today. Gambling in normal form seems to be beneficial to people, but when played continuously it becomes an addiction. Poker is an international card game, which belongs to gambling. In past poker had zero recognition but today poker has become a world famous game. Thousands of players all over the world spend millions on it every day.

According to statistics given by few American companies 4 of 7 people get addicted to gambling. When a person addicts gambling money, time, status will be lost. Poker takes away money form the player, makes that player dull and gives him physical and mental strain. Some people feel that poker is the best game to escape from physical world.. Sometimes this is good, but when people forget their family and friends things become worse.

Poker is a game of fun but not a game of pride. Poker should be played with enthusiasm, but not with desire. When players play poker with desire to win, losses occur and that loss make a player put extra money and effort to win the game. When people get addicted to poker they loose money and start doing debts that in turn damages their popularity. In order to prevent poker addiction each player must look at poker as a game of fun. Players should try their luck in game and put some effort to win the game; if they loose the game they should work at home. When players loose continuously, it is good if they stop playing the game.