Full Tilts' Lederer to Pay 42 Million?

More Trouble for Lederer and the Boys

The United States Dept of Justice has filed a new civil complaints amendment against Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Ray Bitar and Rafe Furst totaling $137 million. This second amendment states that the accused bought assets with their ill gotten gains and that these assets are traceable to property used in conducting illegal gambling activities. The DoJ is expecting $42.5 million from Lederer, $42 million from Ferguson, $40.8 million from Ray Bitar and $11.7 million from Rafe Furst. They have also thrown into the mix part of the travel act from 1952 that accuses them of interstate travel or using an interstate facility in aid of racketeering or involvement in unlawful business. These sound like trumped up charges but it appears that the DoJ are sticking to every letter of the law here, which is very unfortunate for these guys. Less than a month ago things seemed to have settled down, with only Bitar indicted and under house arrest in California whilst Ferguson, Furst and Lederer were at liberty and with their assets well and truly intact. This is a huge turn around and they are sure to be thinking...what next? Well as this is breaking just now we will have to wait and see but it doesn't look good.