SSP News: Interest Groups Clash Over Online Poker

There is growing pressure from State Lottery Directors towards Congress to place a block on online gambling legalization stating that it would drive money towards Nevada whilst at the same time many Conservatives and Catholic activist groups offered support for the bill that would pass online poker, but were against the legalization of any other form of online gambling. It is widely believed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will simply attach the bill to a must pass piece of legislation during the lame duck session, so all groups are attempting to get their voices heard now. Seven lottery directors have been in Washington this past week arguing that because of the way things stand the state of Nevada would receive 25% of all poker related activities due to the fact that it is the only state that can license poker operators. They also argue that state lotteries are more than capable of managing and regulating any form of online gaming and that they come with a high degree of social responsibility. Catholic groups are urging Congress to limit what they are calling an "impending gambling explosion". To many observers however, it's a done deal and some forms of legalized gambling will be with us sooner rather that later.