SSP News: US Attorney Looking for 3rd Party for Tilt Refunds

The US Attorneys' office is now going through the arduous process of sifting through the applicants to assist in dealing with the money still owed to Full Tilt Poker players. The potential third party applicants will be expected to handle all claims from US players, however the Department of Justice has stated that payment to these players is still a long, long way off, which is not the type of news they want to hear. The claims administrator is expected to be in position by January 2013. A statement from The US States Attorneys' Office for the Southern District of New York says that they are, "they are evaluating applicants for the position of claims administrator to handle petitions for remission for US victims of the alleged fraud that Full Tilt Poker committed relating to player funds". So as apposed to Tilt's European counterparts who have been paid and indeed are back at the Tilt tables the US players will have to play the waiting game for some time yet. The only good news here is that at least the process is underway and things should become clearer sooner rather than later as to approximate dates of payments. Let's not forget that some US players had rather large bank rolls sitting in Tilt at the time of closure.