PokerStars Complete New Jersey Casino Application

PokerStars parent company Rational Group has finally submitted the full application to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for interim casino authorization. It's been a few months now since the initial paperwork was filed that confirmed it's interest in the purchase of the Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City. This will now officially start the 90 day period that allows the DGE time to take a look as to whether or not the Rational Group is deemed suitable to hold the license. This is the first step in the process and should the decision be a positive one then the baton is handed over to the Casino Control Commission who will have a further 30 days to make up its mind on the issue. All combined this means that the earliest the approval for the purchase could be given is sometime around early August this year.

There is more than a little opposition to the whole deal and that may, or may not be taken into consideration by the Casino Control Commission. The thoughts of the American Gaming Association have been well documented and their somewhat rant-like sentiment against the deal could make it a slightly more complicated procedure than the Rational Group would like it to be. It's believed by many insiders that the AGA could be acting on behalf of Caesar's and that it's a little bit of a joint venture in an attempt to keep the Online Poker giant out of New Jersey. The thoughts of the American Gaming Association were due to be aired at a March meeting however the item was taken from the agenda, however it may be a case that the AGA begin legal proceedingsin a bid to stop PokerStars in their tracks. This does entirely depend on whether or not the approval is granted by both the DGE and the Casino Control Commission. Meanwhile, other news in New Jersey sees Caesar's themselves apply for a license in the state, wonder if the Rational Group will counter attack and protest against that!