Playing Online Poker in South Carolina

South Carolina to put it mildly, is not the most friendly state when it comes to gambling, in any way, shape or form. Section 16-19-40 signals it loud and clear that should you play with dice or cards, any game then it's a crime and you could face 30 days in prison. Should you run an illegal gambling operation from home then it could be a year in prison. The only glimmer of light when it comes to anything regarding regarding gambling is to do it online and many players do so at such places as BetOnline on to find out why.

Playing Poker at Home in South Carolina

Sadly, having a game in your home is a no go. The law does not bend on this at all, as the state classes all gambling as illegal. There have been many attempts at changing the law in favor of poker players, allowing home games but unfortunately none of these have been passed as they have been strongly opposed by religious groups who have stated that home games would lead the state to allowing casinos in the state too! The laws that were put forward were to make home games legal as long as no rake was taken or no fee was charged to participate in the game, much like many states have today, but sadly at the moment home games are illegal.

Playing Online Poker in South Carolina

The laws that make gambling illegal in South Carolina were written in, wait for it.........1802! It can be safely assumed that internet poker is not mentioned in them. No current state law applies to online gambling or online poker in any way. Tie this to the simple fact that there is no federal law against playing poker online and it is clear that it's perfectly fine to enjoy your game online. As long as you are not operating an online poker room from your home, then all is ok. Many poker sites are available for residents of South Carolina to enjoy such as Betonline , Full Flush Poker and Americas Cardroom .

Playing in South Carolina's Casinos

Absolutely not! The fact that gambling is illegal means there are no casinos within South Carolinas' borders. However there is a small loophole which many gamblers take advantage of and that is by heading to the coast. Here you will find a pretty large amount of yachts that seem normal on the outside, but inside have a fully functioning state of the art casino. You can jump on board, set sail and feel free to play a few cards.