Playing Online Poker in Texas

The state of Texas, although still very much against some forms of gambling, has a pretty fair and even set of rules when it comes to playing poker, and so it should do having the most popular variation of the game named after it! Playing at home has a few rules you need to abide by and an online game seems to be just fine, with many players logging in regularly and playing at such sites as BetOnline Poker. To find out where you stand when playing poker in the Lone Star State take a read.

Playing Poker at Home in Texas

Playing a game at home is totally fine as long as a few simple things are taken into consideration. As in many states, you cannot charge a fee or rake the pot as this would make it an illegal game and the only cash you can make is from a hand during the game. The game must be played in a private place, so your home will be fine and except for the advantage of skill or luck, the chances of winning are the same for all players involved, which basically means no cheating. This all seems pretty fair and many a home game is enjoyed in the state of Texas.

Playing Online in Texas

The Texas Penal Code has no laws regarding playing online poker, so for all intents and purposes it seems totally fine. It would be of course totally against the rules to manage or operate an online poker room from home, or from anywhere within the states borders. To our knowledge there has never been a prosecution regarding playing poker online in Texas and many residents frequently enjoy hitting the virtual felt. There are many fine online poker rooms that welcome players from Texas, a few of them being Betonline, Americas Cardroom and Carbon Poker. It's also worth remembering that there is no federal law against online poker and that many states are considering legalization.

Playing in a Texas casino

The simple answer to this is no, as casinos are totally illegal in the state of Texas. According to Section 47.03 in the Texas Penal Code it is illegal to, "knowingly operate or participate in the earnings of a gambling place." and a gambling place is classed as, "any real estate, room, or any property whatsoever, one of the uses which is the making or settling of bets, bookmaking, or the conducting of a lottery or the playing of gambling devices." So, as you can see there is no chance of a game in a casino in Texas...good job those home games and online poker are OK!