Playing Online Poker in Ohio

When it comes to gambling in general then Ohio has to be classed as pretty strict. This doesn't mean to say that a game of poker is out of the question and withe the lawmakers in Ohio in a seemingly endless shall we, shan't we state of mind, it's a matter of let's wait and see. Ohio has recently been in gambling news with the issue of legalizing gambling yet again on the agenda, but for those poker players who want a game right now then keep on reading to find out where you stand, including playing online which many residents do at great sites such as BetOnline Poker.

Poker Home Games in Ohio

The Penal Code of Ohio in Article 2915.03 does little to clear up the matter regarding home games and probably leaves people reading it a little more confused than before they did. It says, "no person, being the owner or lessee, or having custody, control, or supervision of the premises, shall use or occupy such premises for gambling", and ends with saying that they may not, "recklessly permit such premises to be used or occupied for gambling". When defining the term gambling, they have used the term "game of chance" but for poker players there is no arguing that poker is a game of skill as poker is specifically mentioned as a game of chance. This law may be a little confusing however two things seem to be's a violation of the law to operate an unlicensed gambling venue or take fees/rake in a home game, but if you do not do this then it appears that a home game with a few buddies is absolutely fine.

Playing Online Poker in Ohio

The state of Ohio does not mention online poker and there are no laws anywhere in the Penal Code that make it illegal to play online. Using the home games law as a guide we can safely assume that as long as you do not run an online poker room from your home then you are 100% OK to play online. With no laws against it, no law enforcement agencies looking out for it and no law at federal level then all residents of Ohio can feel pretty safe when logging on. There are plenty of online poker rooms that cater to players who reside in Ohio, such as Betonline Poker, Americas Cardroom and Carbon Poker.

Playing Poker in a Casino in Ohio

When addressing the issue of playing poker in a casino in Ohio it's best to take into consideration that there are no real casinos in Ohio and so there is no need to think about this one too hard. the casinos that do exist are simple racebooks and until there are amendments made to the state constitution then it will stay that way.