Playing Online Poker in Michigan

Michigan is one of the friendliest states towards poker and gambling in general. There are of course rules, but they are pretty flexible and as long as they are adhered to then everyone is happy when it comes to gambling in this great state. Keep on reading to see where you stand when it comes to playing a little poker in the good state of Michigan. There's no problem with playing online poker either and many residents of Michigan login and play regularly at online poker rooms such as BetOnline Poker.

Playing Poker at Home in Michigan

In Michigan there is one very important thing to take into consideration when playing poker, and that is the state does not class poker as a game of chance but as a game of skill and as such home games are 100% legal. As long as the game is being held in a private residence and like many other states, the host is not charging a fee or raking the pot then you are good to go. The only other rule of note is that all participants in the game must be at least 18 years of age.

Playing Online Poker in Michigan

The only way to get into trouble in Michigan regarding online poker is if you are actually operating the room from home. This would be a violation of the penal code which states that it is illegal to be "conducting a gambling operation where wagering is used or to be used without a license issued by the board" and can carry a 10 year prison sentence. Having a game online however is totally fine and there are no laws against this in Michigan, nor are there ever likely to be any. Many online poker rooms welcome players from the state including Americas Cardroom, Betonline Poker and Full Flush Poker. Do you know of any other online poker rooms that accept players from Michingan? If so let us know and share on our Facebook or Google+ page!

Playing Poker in a Michigan Casino

Casinos have a whole lot of flexibility and indeed the city of Detroit has some great casinos and poker rooms. Most casinos offer slots, video poker and table games such as blackjack and roulette. Many of the companies that own and operate casinos in Las Vegas also own establishments in Michigan and as long as the casino keeps those under the age of 21 out of the building then they are free to do as they please. Michigan really does cater for the Midwest poker player and some of these casinos have wonderful poker rooms and facilities meaning that players from neighboring states often visit and take part in the round the clock poker offering.