Playing Online Poker in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has not updated its gambling laws this century, so as you can imagine it's a little bit tricky to decipher what is and isn't legal. Even the wording of some of the laws is a tad difficult to understand. It's clear that in some ways poker is restricted however with the laws so out of date there are plenty of loopholes, and it's pretty simple to find ways that the average citizen of Massachusetts can find a way to enjoy a game of poker. Many poker players in Massachusetts enjoy playing their game online and they have many options, with BetOnline Poker being one of the best.

Playing a home game in Massachusetts

It is a tough call to say whether it's legal to either play in or host a home game of poker in the sate of Massachusetts. Games of skill are indeed ok in the state but they do not list the games of skill. We simply are not given a straight answer to this question and there have been no cases in a court of law that set precedent. All forms of gambling in Massachusetts are called lottery games and there is no skill in what we would consider to be a lottery, however until the laws classify poker as a game of skill then it's open to debate. The only thing that the law is clear on is that if you are gambling in a public place while simultaneously trespassing on someone else's property then the players can be held liable. Make of that what you will but, we are of the opinion that home games are ok as long as you are not charging to play in them, or raking the pot. It's always best to check with your local law enforcement agency should you be considering playing or hosting a game.

Playing Poker online in Massachusetts

Seeing as the state of Massachusetts hasn't updated its laws on gambling in over a century then as it stands there is of course no mntion of internet or online poker. We must assume in this case then, that it is legal. It would be against the law, as in all states, to operate or manage an online poker room from your home, however playing online is fine. There are in fact many online poker rooms that cater for the residents of Massachusetts and a few of the best are, Betonline Poker, Full Flush Poker and Juicy Stakes. Many people from the state already enjoy a game online from the comfort of their own home and with no federal law against it then it's ok to do so.

Playing Poker in the Casinos of Massachusetts

Massachusetts at present hasn't got the type of casinos that can offer poker. Horse racing is the only real form of legalized gambling and every time proposals are put forward they seem to be dismissed or forgotten about too quickly by the law makers. This means that Massachusetts loses out pretty big when it comes to revenue from legalized gambling with many residents heading to nearby states to get their casino fun. This maybe about to change as many in power have realized the potential of the revenue and jobs it would create, and as of January 2013 Wynn Resorts are looking for permission to build a $1 Billion hotel and casino in Massachusetts. That will for sure give the powers that be something to think about.