Playing Online Poker in New Hampshire

Playing poker in New Hampshire has a mixed set of laws behind it, but on the whole the state is not gambling friendly. Regarding home games, as you will see, it's a case of taking your chances and casinos in the traditional sense of the word are a big no. Many of the laws regarding gambling in the state of Kentucky are a little outdated and online poker is not mentioned and many players regularly play at places such as BetOnline Poker. Take a read of below and find out the deal on playing poker in Kentucky.

Playing Home Games in Kentucky

In the age old argument of whether poker is a game of chance or skill, which underpins many of the laws regarding the game, then sadly, in Kentucky it's classed as a game of chance. When this is combined with the states definition of gambling then it appears that home games are illegal. Gambling is defined as, “to risk something of value upon a future contingent event not under one's control or influence, upon an agreement or understanding that something of value will be received in the event of a certain outcome.” Although poker players around the globe will argue for hours that the game is one of skill, Kentucky sees things differently. However this has never been tested in a court of law. As far as we are aware no-one has ever been prosecuted for playing a home game therefore the law has never been tested. Those are the facts and it's up to the individual should they wish to put those laws to the test!

Playing Online Poker in Kentucky

Playing online poker in Kentucky has never been mentioned in any law regarding the legalities of gambling. Nor so has the issue of placing wagers by telephone, fax or any other electronic device. The regular laws regarding gambling could be taken into consideration, however without these ever have been tested in a court of law then it's impossible to say one way or another. What we do know is that with no mention of online poker being illegal in the state and no law at federal level then many residents of Kentucky regularly play online. There are many internet poker rooms that welcome them too, with BetOnline Poker, Full Flush Poker and Americas Cardroom being three of the best.

Playing Poker in a New Hampshire Casino

Although there are no casino in New Hampshire, there have been a few changes in the law recently that have improved things slightly for poker players. The state does of course have race tracks and new laws state that charity games are now allowed on their premises. The charity games have proved to be amazingly popular and some tracks will hose them everyday. Although the betting limits are very small and you won't find a game over $1/$2 stakes, they do at least offer the poker player another option.