Playing Online Poker in Maine

The state of Maine lays the law out pretty clear in some respects, however has not updated rules regarding gambling for quite some time. If you are after a Vegas glitz and glamour casino scene then you best head to Vegas because Maine simply hasn't got what you are looking for, however home games as long as you stick to the somewhat basic regulations are fine, as is playing online at rooms such as BetOnline Poker. Take a quick read below to check out your options when it comes to playing a game of poker in Maine.

Poker Home Games in Maine

The first thing of note regarding gambling laws in general in Maine is that there are not that many of them that you can take into consideration when it comes to poker. There is one mention in the Penal Code and in section 954 you can find, "Any person is guilty of unlawful gambling if that person intentionally or knowingly advances or profits from unlawful gambling activity". This basically means that if you are hosting a poker game, not taking rake or not charging a one off fee to play then you are fine to either host a game or participate in a game. This law is aimed at those who are running underground card rooms or illegal gambling houses and Maine has a general acceptance towards home games.

Playing Online Poker in Maine

As mentioned, Maine has in no way kept the Penal Code up to date regarding gambling laws and this is clear to see when looking at online poker. There is no mention at all of playing online, which, when you take into consideration the laws regarding home games means that you are perfectly fine to log in and play poker online. Add this to the fact that there is no law against it at federal level then it's all systems go and there are many online poker rooms which cater for players from the state of Maine. A few of the most popular are Americas Cardroom, Betonline Poker and Full Flush Poker. In any one of these rooms you will find many residents of Maine enjoying their pastime.

Poker in Casinos in Maine

Seeing as at the time of writing there is just the one casino in the state of Maine then it's fair to say that there is little to no poker to be found in casinos there. The one casino is a former horse racing track and only really offers slots, video poker, video roulette and a racebook. The casino floor is expanding and is attracting more visitors every year, but if it's a good game of poker you are after then your options are at home, whether that be online or off.