Playing Online Poker in Nebraska

Nebraska is by no means a gambling friendly state. They have an untold amount of laws against gambling and even a game at home is not on the cards. It's extremely difficult to get a game of poker in Nebraska and although the laws are pretty outdated as far as online poker is concerned and many poker players in Nebraska regularly enjoy playing at sites such as BetOnline Poker, but offline you have a bit of a task ahead of you. Take a read of what's below and find out where you stand regarding playing poker in the good state of Nebraska.

Playing Home Games in Nebraska

As mentioned, Nebraska has a multitude of laws against gambling and far too many to speak about here. With that in mind let's take a look at the ones that could and in fact do apply to you if you are considering playing or hosting a home game game in Nebraska. Firstly the laws are clearly set out against organized crime and not the average citizen, however they still apply to everyone. You will be classed as 'promoting gambling' if you wager real money and it's the amount of money that you wager that depends on the severity of the charge. Less than $300 in 24 hours and you will be charged with a Class II Misdemeanor whilst anything over that amount is regarded as a Class I. These laws are pretty clear and mean that home games are illegal if any real money is being wagered, and whether you are profiting from the game or not is of no importance. How often your local law enforcement agency attempt to sniff these games out is another matter, however those are the facts.

Playing Online Poker in Nebraska

There have been no changes in the laws regarding gambling in Nebraska for a long time and therefore it comes as no surprise that internet poker is not mentioned. The fact that the state hasn't bothered with online gambling in any form leads us to believe that there is no problem at all with it. There is of course no federal law against online poker and many residents enjoy playing at sites that welcome them such as BetOnline Poker, Black Chip Poker and Americas Cardroom.

Playing Poker in a Nebraska Casino

Nebraska has nothing at all that you would call a casino. There are a few small gambling establishments that offer bingo and different types of digital games, but there are no tables games, slots, and 100% no poker. With no race tracks either, even if laws changed and casinos were welcomed, it would take Nebraska a whole lot of time to catch up with other states.