Playing Online Poker in Minnesota

Like many states, Minnesota is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to laws relating to gambling. It is a misdemeanor to make a bet however there are many exceptions and little loopholes that make it in some way friendly towards your average poker playing resident. There is no law against playing online and many residents use that options at such rooms as BetOnline Poker. Take a read of the article to find out where you stand when playing a game of poker in the fine state of Minnesota.

Playing Poker at Home

Poker games at home in Minnesota are in fact illegal with the notable exception of Texas Holdem. that may sound strange however according to law there is a specific list of social skill games that may be played at home and Texas Holdem is on that list, making it perfectly acceptable. There are a few rules which need to be adhered to such as no player must be under the age of 18, payment or rake must not be taken by the host, the value of prizes must not be more than $200 each day and the host must have cards that the disabled may play with such as Braille cards. There is no mention of other types of poker but if you stick to these rules and only play Texas Holdem then you will be just fine playing a game in your own home.

Playing Online in Minnesota

There are absolutely no laws regarding playing online poker in Minnesota. Back in 2009 they attempted to use the federal wire act to block online poker but of course this was unsuccessful. So the writing is somewhat on the table in that they clearly don't like it but have made no laws against it. In fact many residents of Minnesota enjoy playing their poker online and many online poker rooms cater for them including Betonline Poker, Full Flush Poker and Americas Cardroom.

Playing Poker in Minnesota Casinos

Native American Tribes may hold licenses to operate casinos with state borders. This has been taken full advantage of and now these casinos are great resorts where Vegas style entertainment, great dining and all the trimmings are on offer. The gambling on offer includes poker and indeed the larger resorts have dedicated poker rooms where Omaha and Texas Holdem are by far the most popular games. The casino offer much higher limits at what are legal in home games, and of course rake is taken.