Playing Online Poker in Missouri

Missouri is a little bit harsh on poker players and indeed on gamblers in general, as it has made most forms of gambling illegal, except in regulated casinos. The laws on home games are fairly tough however like most of the other states playing online isn't given a lot of attention and many players regularly enjoy a game at BetOnline Poker and other great online poker rooms. Take a read to see where you stand when trying to enjoy a game of poker in Missouri.

Playing Home Games in Missouri

In most states home games are pretty muck ok if the host isn't making a profit by either charging a fee or raking the game. In Missouri however, home games are given no such leeway as all games of chance are forbidden, and poker in their eyes is a game of chance. They put it fairly simply in the Penal Code by stating in Article 572.029 that, "A person commits the crime of gambling if he knowingly engages in gambling. Gambling is a class C misdemeanor." The definition of gambling as defined by the state of Missouri goes, "a person engages in "gambling" when he stakes or risks something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance or a future contingent event not under his control or influence, upon an agreement or understanding that he will receive something of value in the event of a certain outcome." It does seem that home games are a non starter but whether you would actually get punished for playing in one we are unsure of. If you are considering playing in a home game then maybe it's worth contacting your local law enforcement agency first.

Playing Online Poker in Missouri

There is no specific mention of online poker in the Penal Code and neither have the current laws on gambling in general been tested in a court of law as far as online poker is concerned. There is no federal law against online poker and many residents of Missouri regularly play online. There are many online poker rooms that cater for the residents of Missouri and a few of the best are Betonline Poker, Americas Cardroom and Full Flush Poker. It would however be totally illegal to own or operate an online poker room from anywhere within the states borders.

Playing Poker in Missouri Casinos

Missouri has a few casinos and also offers legalized gambling on the river boats on the Mississippi. These casinos offer slots, table games and of course poker. All games held in the casinos are absolutely 100% legal and most varieties of poker can be found with the favorite and most common games being Texas Holdem and Omaha.