Hansen Loses 1.5 Million at Tilt

Full Tilt

Even the Best have Their Bad Days!

It was reported that last weekend the "face" of Full Tilt PokerGus "The Great Dane" Hansen dropped around $1.5 million. The man from Denmark who now, of course resides in Monaco, took part in a marathon 27 hour session that went wrong after what is thought to be a "sleep break". Sources state that he came back to the tables around 7 a.m and took to the 2-7 Triple Draw tables where he lost around 300K to OFORTUNA PLS in a six hour session. He then changed things up dramatically and went to the $2K/$4K Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables, and this is where it all started to go terribly wrong. He played for another 23 hours losing $1.4 Million along the way mostly to "cottonseed1" and "SallyWoo", but there were others during the monumental grind. However the player that benefited most from Hansens' misfortune was "KPR16" who not only won back the $200K he lost to Gus the previous week, but a hell of a lot more on top, ending up $690K to the good for the day. "Cottonseed1" took a cool $413K making it a miserable day all round for the Great Dane. On that Sunday there was another big loser as Tom Durrr Dwan went down to the tune of almost $207K. So a few of the pros have had a bad time of late but they are not pros for nothing and will no doubt be back on form soon enough.